Welcome to Ragland Topsoil and Landscaping LLC.  With the economy and the construction market changing from year to year, it is difficult to find a landscape contractor who has weathered the storm and is still here providing a great product with excellent service.We are able to provide such high-quality service because of the complete focus and attention we place on each property. RTL prides itself in doing one job at a time.  Since the beginning of this company, RTL has been very blessed to understand your greatest asset is our client.  If we focus solely on one property at a time, the client will always have a great experience and final product.  We do not run crews, nor do we bounce from job to job. From start to finish,  RTL focuses on the relationship and job at hand. Whether you have a drainage problem, need a full landscape revamp, or anything else in between, you will find RTL at the forefront of customer care.


When I purchased my home 17 years ago, it had a railroad crosstie retaining wall holding up one side of my front yard.  I knew it was something that would eventually have to be replaced.  It was a neighborhood eyesore, and over the years began to bow out.   For the past 8 years I have been reading up on wall design, and examining any walls under construction that I came across.   I had gotten several estimates on the work a few years ago. I…
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